Why Rosebud Studio?

From the beginning, I have striven to set myself apart by providing superior editing and retouching skills, as well as a fantastic client experience. When you book a session with me, you're booking it because you love my work and you want my style of photography to be applied to your photos. I've invested hundreds of hours in education to ensure the finished product that I envision in my mind before I even snap a picture can be brought to fruition in the finished products I deliver. When you book a session with me, you're not getting just any person with a camera. A fancy camera does not make a photographer. You are getting a finished work of art which has been meticulously designed with love and a vision for bringing out your story.

Every session comes with an online gallery from which you can download your edited digital images. You will also be supplied with a print release upon request. In order to ensure you get the highest quality images possible, I will include my recommendations for high quality, reputable printing labs for printing your images.


Family Portraits | 250

1-2 Hours | 40-60 Digital Edits 
*Add $10 per person over 7 people

As I believe family is paramount in life, I take great pride and joy in providing a wonderful experience for the client during their family session. You will be instructed on posing and interaction to take the pressure off your shoulders. You will leave feeling confident that your images will showcase your family's unique dynamics and love for one another. Make family portraits a yearly event which allows you to track your family's growth and change. I love building strong relationships with my clients and families and feel honored they choose me to document these special moments in time!

Newborns | 250

Up To 3 Hours | All Digital Edits
*Ask about Fresh 48 sessions!*

Newborn photography is an incredibly specialized art form. This type of photography requires knowledge of safety practices and an immense amount of patience. The results are some of the most cherished photos you will ever have taken for your family. For best newborn photography results, it is recommended this session be scheduled when your baby is between 7 and 20 days old. Please don't wait to book a session! You will never regret having this fleeting time in your baby's life frozen for you to remember forever!

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Extended Families | 250

1-2 Hours | All Digital Edits  
*Add $10 per person over 10

As families grow and children start to leave home, it can get increasingly difficult to plan time when everyone can be together. This is what makes extended family sessions so precious. Your investment in an extended family session is the perfect gift for grandparents and parents for Mother's and Father's Days, birthdays, and Christmases!

Couples | 225

1-2 Hours | 2 Locations | 40-60 Digital Edits

Are you newly-engaged? Are you wanting to announce a pregnancy or shoot a maternity session? Would you just like to get some pictures taken for holiday cards or gifts? A couple's session is the perfect thing to schedule if you'd like to capture this moment in time. Life changes in the blink of an eye, so take this opportunity to show how much you love each other in images you'll cherish forever!


Seniors | 225

1-2 Hours | 3 Wardrobe Changes | 30-50 Digital Edits

Senior sessions are one of my favorite sessions! It gives me the opportunity to really get to know my client and collaborate on ideas to showcase their unique personalities. The images created can be so fun and amazing. This is such a momentous time in a person's life and allows them to have the spotlight to show the world who they are and where they are heading as they get ready to take on the world. Let's talk more!

Children | 225

1-2 Hours | 30-50 Digital Edits

As a mother of the three young children you see here, and as a daycare provider, I absolutely understand how special children are. I also understand all too well how quickly they grow and change. It is so important to document them while they're still little because you won't ever get these days back. I feel very comfortable interacting with tiny humans and making them feel comfortable in front of the camera. Photographing children requires a great deal of patience and understanding of their needs and potential triggers. Being able to bring out their individual personalities is one of my strengths as a photographer!

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Investment Begins at 1500

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I cannot emphasize enough how important your wedding photography decision will be. If there is one single thing (after your dress) that needs the most attention and thought, it is your wedding photography needs! Because, after all, when it's all over, your photos from that most special day in your life are all that will remain for the rest of your life. It NEEDS to be a decision that you are confident and excited about. Send me an email and we can get this exciting prospect started!

Mini Sessions | 110

20 Minutes | 10 Digital Edits

Not looking to book a full session? Maybe you just want something quick and specific? A mini session will get you the same high quality images as a full session on a smaller scale. These sessions are not offered all year, rather, they will be offered seasonally and on specific locations, dates, and times only. Watch my Facebook and Instagram pages for when I will be offering them throughout the year. Or, if you'd like to be sent an email to let you know when they will be available, feel free to send me a message and I'll be happy to shoot you an email when those dates and times are open for booking!


 Professional Headshots | 30

Service Subtitle

If you're looking to update your business website or social media page, professional headshots are a terrific way to look like you take your business seriously. My headshots are edited with skin retouching and smoothing. Clients who book professional headshots will receive 3 edited digital studio or outdoor images and a print release.